Are we a Slave to our Genetics?



In our society it is very common to find people blaming their genetics for their problems. How often have we heard or said some variation of: “It’s not my fault I am :___(insert any quality), my parents were that way.” There are even medical advertisements suggesting various conditions are genetic and unavoidable, and therefore you need their medicine to remedy the problem.

While this might sound all fine, and normal, if we take a look at the actual evidence it is contradictory to these assumptions. First of all mainstream biology suggests that DNA runs us. It suggests the process of our ancestral evolution is passed on and creates who we are. Under that theory we are victims of our genetic past, and have no power.

Fortunately, over the last 20 years more scientists have been taking the risk to question these unproven yet widely accepted theories. One of these scientists is a biologist known as Dr. Bruce Lipton. While in a fairly well respected academic position, Dr. Lipton realized there wasn’t much weight to the mainstream biology theories. He started to ask questions about it, and was labeled a heretic.

Dr. Lipton is a pioneer in epigenetics, which is a field of biology that suggests–and I am paraphrasing–DNA doesn’t do anything other than act as a blueprint. DNA can’t even be read without several actions taking place. First of all, DNA is encased in a protein sleeve. Proteins need signals to make them move. Signals come from the environment, and are interpreted by receptors. So for the DNA to even be relevant, it depends on the action of a protein in response to environmental signals.

So what does this all mean? It means that there we are not necessarily victims to our genetics.  

Next time you try to see yourself as a victim of your genetics, try to flip it around, and see yourself as a victim only to your own perception. That means you have full capability to change your life and health in whatever ways you want.

If you would like to learn more about epigenetics, or how perception may influence our health, Dr. Lipton is a great person to look into. He has plenty of lectures available to watch on Youtube. I recommend him simply because he provides a rational argument that is very well explained, and can be respected by the scientific minded individual. I personally enjoyed his talk at the Biology of Transformation event, which can also be found on Youtube.

About Matt: I learned the roots of spirituality and holistic health from Aupuni Iwi’ula, Tom Seal, Steve Smith, Faith Paulele, Sid Woodcock, Bon Kuo, and others. I’m excited to share it!