Anti Stress Smoothie

Anti Stress Smoothie Recipe

I have to admit that I’m a smoothie lover… It’s just simply such a convenient way to make sure you are getting plenty of fruit and vegetables every day. Though we are being touted to eat our 5-a day, I believe that this is actually a minimum recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO). If we want our diet to be disease preventative we need to up it to between 7-10 portions per day. And there’s quiet the eating in that!

If we want to bring it up to this level it means including, some kind of fruit and vegetables with every meal.

One thing that you may have noticed is how stress tends to affect our digestive system. This is simply because we were originally designed to “run from the tiger” and not the mental stresses which are what we mostly experience today. Part of the stress response cycle is to divert blood from the digestive system to the muscles, which makes sense if we want to have maximum energy to outrun any immediate threat.

Problem is though, most of us don’t run from anything. We are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out from the never ending chatter in our own heads, often whilst sitting down. And believe it or not, what goes on in your head can affect what goes on in your gut and vice versa.

So with that in mind, I pretty much took all the anti-inflammatory and digestive supportive foods I could think of and combined them in to one yellow power packed smoothie!

It’s zingy and zesty and is sure to put a ping to your step. And best of all, it takes less than 5 minutes to make.



Serves 1

1 inch ginger, peeled – a little less if you want it less fiery

1 lemon, peeled – I blend the whole thing but if your blender isn’t strong enough use juice only

1 cup fresh pineapple, peeled and chopped

1 banana, peeled

2 small fresh turmeric root – or use 1 tsp ground powder

1 tbsp protein powder of choice – I like pea or hemp

250 ml plant mil of choice, to blend

¼ tsp of ground cardamom – optional but will taste delicious too.


Place all the ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy immediately, with your favourite toppings.

P.S I eat very much with my eyes and love the variety of colours on my plate so I’ve kept the yellow theme going here. If you’d like it green add in a handful of spinach too.

P.P.S If you like it really cold, use frozen pineapple.




Linn Thorstensson is a Swede (now with an Irish accent!) living in Ireland for the past 15 years. She works as a Nutritional Therapist specializing in helping people lose weight without dieting. Her nutrition services and programmes are offered from the clinic in Cork and via Skype worldwide .

As as a Nutritional Therapist, Linn is passionate about helping her clients use food as medicine, teach them how to embrace the joy of cooking and eating as well as encouraging everyone (!) to eat more colourful wholefoods.

When she is not found in the kitchen experimenting with different ingredients, photographing food or eating, you will probably catch her cycling down a country road or hiking up an Irish mountain.



Instagram: @straightforward_nutrition