Acupuncture on Animals


Hello! I wanted to share with you how my then 15-year-old dog, Buddy, survived a two story fall with acupuncture treatment alone.

He was blind at the time, so he had lots of trouble getting around. He would bump into walls and fall into the backyard swimming pool if he wasn’t watched closely, and with 3 other dogs, it was a challenge. At about 7:00pm on a Saturday night, one of the dogs, Indie, was begging to go out onto the balcony. We wouldn’t have normally fulfilled her request (we were about to go out to dinner), but she was really pushing the whole ‘don’t you love me?’ look. We decided to let her, along with Buddy (who happened to be wandering nearby), on the balcony. We, of course, had inspected the wooden posts on the balcony railing before and had come to the conclusion that there was no possible way he could fit through the spaces. To say the least, he proved us wrong that night.

We left the glass door open and went into the kitchen. At some point after scolding our beagle, Bagel, for eating the new indoor plant, we decided to eat in. We had just started to prepare our dinner when we heard Indie barking. She wasn’t listening to any of the loud voices coming from inside telling her to stop, so I decided that she needed to come back inside. I was almost on the balcony when I saw that Buddy was no longer out there. It was just Indie, by herself, with her front paws up on the railing as she was barking at something down below. When I looked to see what she was barking at, I saw the little black blob of a blind Boston Terrier 2 stories below. He was on his side, motionless. I screamed for help and we ran down the stairs to see if our fragile dog was going to be okay. The drive to the emergency vet’s office is just a big blur of panic and fear to me now.

The x-rays revealed an injured spinal cord, but no broken bones. He was lucky, but he still couldn’t stand up. You could see the pain in his foggy eyes. We went home with him in the morning, but he had not received any treatment and was clearly miserable; he couldn’t walk or eat, much less even move. We talked and decided to make him an appointment with our acupuncturist for the next day. I couldn’t go to the appointment with him, but I saw him as soon as he came home. When I saw him, I could tell he was a changed dog. It was a true miracle. He didn’t walk, but ran through the door to greet the other dogs. I had never seen him act like this. He was running around and playing, regardless of the fact that he couldn’t see. He was completely carefree, just prancing around like he was a puppy again. After a few more appointments and herbal supplements, he was in a better place than he had ever been in. His life was saved by acupuncture treatments alone.

After he became blind, I never thought that I would see him happy again. He proved us wrong.

We dedicate this blog post to the memory of bubby who sadly passed away a little while ago. He will be celebrated and remembered. Rest in doggy heaven Bubby

By Skye Gibbs