A New Year

Although we don’t need a new year, or even a new week or day to create a fresh start for ourselves — the finality of a year coming to an end can often act as the jumpstart we need to create positive change within our lives

2015 challenged me, it made me question what I really wanted from life and what I expected of the people around me. I grew up, a lot, probably due to some of the hardships I had to face, but reflecting on the year, I understand that, that growth took me to a place of self understanding. From all the challenges I faced, I gained a lot. When I look at myself in the mirror I see a friend, I see hope and I see that the acceptance I have for myself makes me feel loved, it gives me purpose, even in the worst times of my life. It breaks all the limitations I set for myself, because it reminds me that I deserve to be happy

The past year was filled with so many ups and downs. In the ups I’ve made such life-lasting memories and in the downs, I gained confirmation that I have the strength to surpass even the negative and tough experiences that life can sometimes throw our way.

I hope that this new year will be a good one for us all. Although, I also hope that we realise that the characteristics of this year depends on the outlook that we have on our lives and the steps we take towards finding what we’re searching for. So perhaps, instead, I should say; I hope that this year we have the courage and the strength to be even more passionate and even more determined to live a life that we love. I hope we can learn to let go of the superficial values we sometimes hold and that we can instead, prioritise kindness. I hope we educate ourselves more about the things that truly matter and put our knowledge to good use, so that this world can really start heading towards a direction of equality and peace. I hope we explore and adventure into the unknown, connect with people, jump head first into opportunities and continue to see the world

And most importantly, I hope we all invest some of our loving into ourselves, and that we keep growing; understanding that the most perfect state to be in, is a continuous and beautiful ‘work in progress.’

Isabel Murgelas dedicates herself to living a healthy, happy and adventure filled lifestyle. She has previously written for Your Zen Life, Happy Well Magaine and Taylor Magazine. She enjoys travelling, acting, making music and aspire to inspire others with her words. 
Instagram: @isabelmurgelas