A New Way To Journal For Manifesting Your Desires


I have always been an avid journal writer. Ever since I can remember, I loved getting a journal and writing in it. I’d write anything and everything.


But in this post I’d like to talk about how journaling can help you manifest your ideal life. I had used journaling to manifest my ideal mate by writing out the qualities I’d like to have in my relationship (see my last post on YZL). Although, I have recently discovered a technique that takes the type of journaling to a whole new level. I came across a manifestation tool called: “Pray Rain Journaling”, which has been coined by Good Vibe Coach, Jeannette Maw.


The idea behind this type of journaling stems from a true story of a drought that took place in New Mexico in the 1990’s. A man by the name of Greg Braden shares a story about David, his Native American friend, who showed him how he was going to bring rain to New Mexico. To Greg’s wonderment, David did not dance, sing, or chant a single tune or word. Instead, he closed his eyes as he sat in a circle of stones and was quiet for a few minutes.


Since Gregg thought he was going to witness a rain dance, David explained to him that if he prayed for rain then it would not rain because “when we pray FOR something, we acknowledge its absence, and that acknowledgement empowers the very condition we don’t want” (The Magic of Pray Rain Journaling, Maw, 2011). To give you a better picture, David imagined himself feeling the rain falling on his skin, smelling the rain,seeing the corn and crops flourish abundantly. The story goes on to say that not only DID it rain, but it flooded!


So, how does it work? It is a SIMPLE process (because I am ALWAYS for simple):


(indent—>)-Get a journal (preferably new, but it’s whatever feels right and good to you), a pen (or pencil), and 5-10 each day; use a journal that feels good to spend time with; aim for colors that you like and you can even add a cover photo that is meaningful to you; lines and unlined (depends on your preference); you can even staple a number of loose leaf papers together to make a journal (be creative and flexible with this process!)


(indent—>)-Make sure your journal is a size that is easy to handle (something portable, but not too small)


(indent—>)-Use a pen that feels great to write with


(indent—>)Name each journal and devote each journal to one focus (money, business, relationship, job, etc.)


(indent—>)After all of that, the ONLY work you have to do for your pray rain journal is to OPEN up the journal and WRITE in it once a day!


Sample Journal Entry


Here’s something I would write, since I’m manifesting my ideal work life:


(indent—>) “I love how fun and easy my ‘work’ is! I feel like I have such balance in my life and everything is taken care of effortlessly. I have the best clients around! All of my clients have found me and are always willing and ready to pay me thousands of dollars for my services. I can work from anywhere in the world. I get to travel to many amazing places and meet other masters and gurus I had been learning from and we collaborate on amazing projects together! My life is fun and amazing! I get to truly do what I want, everyday, while feeling peaceful and in the flow. Thank you Universe!”


Closing Thoughts

This process is amazing because it helps you focus on what you want, as if you already have it. It helps you remain in a state of gratitude and appreciation. It helps you take the “action” that all of those LOA people keep talking about (it’s fun work, don’t you feel?!). It helps keep the process fun and light–which helps remain open to the blessings coming your way. And you can probably think of other ways it is an awesome tool to use!


Jeannette Maw’s book goes into more details of any further questions you may have about the process, but remember that less is more (keep it fun, easy, and simple for yourself). I hope this inspires you to give it a try and know that there are so many tools and techniques that can help you manifest the life you deserve!


Sheryl Bon: Is a life and relationship coach, master manifestor, dynamic and multi-talented, uniquely tall asian, sporty, happy, healthy, go-getter, joy and light-filled, fun human being; she currently resides in the City of Angels. Instagram @sherylbon Twitter @itssherylbon