A Little Energy Guidance…

As many of us are feeling, consciously or unconsciously, the energy level has drastically gone up in the last months. What we are witnessing right now is a prelude to a major shift; to an energetic elevation. It must be understood – and this is very important – that each one of us must start directing our energy unto ourselves. It is a time where we need to be selfish in order to become effortlessly altruistic and become one.

When I talk about being ‘selfish’, I mean to value and honor your own happiness. This aspect of selfishness is never explored, since we have always been told that thinking about ourselves first is a bad thing.
Here is an exercise I want you to try. Sit down, close your eyes, and feel. Feel your body. Feel your heart. Listen to it. Accept what it tells you without fear or judgment. Now is the time to be who you were meant to be. You are not a child of anger, nor a child of hate. You are love. You must learn to unlearn so your spirit can finally be free. Today is the time. As you are reading my words you know that what I say is true. Ask yourself; what is important to you? Beyond the facade of your everyday routine, beyond your unsatisfied desires and your ocean of life expectations, what is it that you want? Or should I say, what is YOU — what are you? As strange as this question might sound, it means you must stop acting upon restlessness. You must stop thinking that who you are can’t be all it can be. Life may seem more and more out of control (this energetic spiral will be greater and greater until December) so we must use all the resources we naturally possess to overcome our fear of the unknown and stop neglecting our own truth.

Now is the time to sit down and see yourself as you truly are – a unique work of art. Be the object of your attention.

Light + Love

Sabrina Jasmine x

Sabrina Jasmine- I have always been in touch with spirituality. I learnt how to work with energy at a very young age and I have been introduced to meditation at the age of nine. I took many courses (meditation, breathing techniques, ancient knowledge) from The Art of Living foundation programs. I am very intuitive and I am here to help people and create a communion so we can all remember we are one.

Twitter: @sabrinajasmine