A Letter From Tez…

I wanted to write you all a note because we have some news here at YZL but also because I want to say that I’m truly grateful to YOU, our wonderful network of Your Zen Lifers. Phoebe and I have been so moved by the community that is Your Zen Life. From a personal standpoint it feeds my spirit and makes me feel so proud to be walking alongside you all in our quest to live a more positive, passionate and healthy life in both mind and spirit. Your Zen Life recharges my batteries and our relationship with you guys is a profound part of my life. This community has helped Phoebe and I reach deeper within ourselves and navigate through life with a greater awareness. It is in this awareness that Phoebe has decided that there are some other areas in her life that she is excited to passionately pursue. Whilst her relationship with Your Zen Life will always be strong she has decided to remain as a huge supporter of the site but is going to step away from the day to day contributions. I will be taking over the website on my own with Phoebe remaining as a founder and proud figure head of this community. We are excited for future opportunities for the both of us. In conjunction with this change we are also looking forward to relaunching the site with a new look and vibe whilst keeping the spirit of the site the same. There will be a forum for you to connect with one another as well as newsletters, collaborations and some really exciting guest bloggers. We believe the site will be even more interactive and I’m excited to take it to the next level. Our sister site Your Zen Mama will be launching alongside the YZL relaunch and I’m so thrilled to be working on both of these passion projects. From our hearts to yours Phoebe and I are grateful to you all and we look forward to what the future brings.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about how I can lean in further to my authenticity and I had a sudden awareness that I needed to channel my passion of being a Mum in to my work, make it a part of what I do. This is where Your Zen Mama has been birthed. My co-founder of YZM is Sarah Wright Olsen. An incredible human being, actress, mother and wife who has the most beautiful spirit and is one of the most inspiring people I know. From her holistic and natural mothering approach, to her organic way of living consciously and making the best of all situations- she is the definition of warrior earth mama. Sarah was beside me as I gave birth to Bodhi and I was beside her as she birthed her beautiful son Wyatt. These experiences alone have connected us for life and this bond has only grown deeper the further along our parenting journey travels. We are excited that we can now channel this connection in to our new baby- Your Zen Mama!

With Your Zen Mama, Sarah and I desire to create a site much like Your Zen Life that inspires collaboration between parents. A network of information, suggestion, reflection and togetherness. The separatism thats apparent in the so called “Mommy Wars” is heartbreaking and really counter productive in trying to achieve a positive parenting experience. We believe that there is room for differing opinions so that we as parents are armed with a smorgasbord of unique ideas and methods to try since one size doesn’t fit all. Therefore we want YZM to be a community of individuals who have the desire to be apart of a community that strives to find connection, solace, positivity, support, encouragement and empowerment through each other. We want a collection of parents sharing their stories so that we really can really band together and be the village it takes to raise children. We don’t want any parent left behind. We don’t want any parent to feel alone. We want to offer our own personal stories as well as your stories to uplift one another so we can focus on how to raise the next generation of conscious minded and happy children.

Stay tuned for updates of the YZL relaunch and the birth of YZM!!

Love, Tez xx




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