A Letter From Phoebe…

Hello friends!

I am sure by now you have read that there will be some changes to Your Zen Life, and the exciting new extension of the site, Your Zen Mama.

I wanted to reach out and say how grateful I am for the journey that Your Zen Life has led me on. It has been such a beautiful past few years, and I have been so inspired by all our amazing contributors, our readers, and everyone who has joined us on this adventure along the way.

I have made so many friends, I have learnt so much and I have truly been touched by how passionate and dedicated you all are to sharing positivity and making a serious change to the world.
I am so happy that a place like Your Zen Life exists, and I do believe that the community we have created is something so unique and special.

I have always been so passionate about Your Zen Life, and will continue to be, but due to my own commitments and schedules, I am not going to be able to be as involved as I think I would like to be in the day to day maintenance of running/contributing to the site.

Which leads me to introduce Sarah Wright Olsen to the YZL family. She is truly a Zen Mama, and I am so excited for you all to see what she and Teresa have been busily working on in regards to Your Zen Mama!

As was our mission when we started Your Zen Life, Your Zen Mama  is a community of like minded, passionate individuals, where you can share, learn, educate and inspire.I will still be here, reading your beautiful comments, watching Tez Talks with you all and growing more and more inspired by your posts and your contributions, so this is not a goodbye, but a sidestep to allow YZL and YZM to grow and flourish as beautifully as it deserves.

Over to you Sarah and Tezzy!!!!