A Fresh Start


“I have gained 35 pounds in the past two years. My god.” I remember the exact moment when it hit me how out of control I had let my eating habits become. I was at the doctor’s office, sitting on that sticky table with the noisy paper they place on top. I was a bundle of nerves, fatigue, and nausea. The reality was simple: I hadn’t felt like myself in months. I did not know why, but it scared me. I was certain something was seriously wrong. A tumor? Maybe a thyroid issue. People gain weight from those things all the time. Surely it couldn’t be caused by my love of pizza or the fact that I enjoy an occasional cheeseburger. No way.

The doctor came into the room and told me that if I was concerned about my weight-gain I needed to take the steps to correct it. The fact that I had gained ten pounds in one month rang loud and clear in my head. I knew I needed to do something, and fast. I went home and began researching diets. I even went as far as looking up diet pills but dismissed that idea as soon as Google informed me of the health risks.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I asked myself “what are the things I eat the most of?” Bread, cheese, ranch dressing, pasta, and red meat immediately came to mind. I made the decision to simplify my diet immensely. I went to the store and bought vegetables, fruit, chicken, and Stevia drops to put in my water. I wanted to try this thing I had heard about called “clean eating.” I knew this would be quite the adjustment but I knew it would be worth it in the long run. I couldn’t go on feeling this way. My digestive system had gotten so sluggish and confused that I often felt nauseous after eating something as simple as a sandwich.

For the next month, I started my day off with two eggs and a fruit. For lunch I would eat either a salad with lots of vegetables on top, a piece of chicken the size of my palm, or a veggie burger. I would also include a fruit on the side and cups of green tea throughout the day. The first two weeks I didn’t notice a difference in the number on the scale but I felt AMAZING. I felt light and energized. I didn’t know it was possible to not feel bloated after a meal! When I hit the third week, I suddenly lost 3 pounds. And so it began. The next thing I knew, I was at 10 lbs, 15, 25… and as of right now, I have lost thirty pounds since August 10th.

The most amazing thing about this “diet” is it isn’t a diet. I cheat all the time, but I do it in smart ways. I will have two or three bites of a cookie and then throw the rest away. I’ll decide to let myself have a piece of pizza, but stop after one and I won’t smother it in ranch. I have changed my body so it is capable of getting past the cravings. I am so empowered by my accomplishments and I now know that it really IS possible to have the body, energy, and confidence you desire. My next step is to add exercise to my schedule. I am sure it will be tough and I will be tired, but hey, if I can say “no” to chocolate cake, I’m sure I can conquer this as well.

Arianna is an avid reader, writer, and foodie. She enjoys finding new ways to live a healthy lifestyle and loves sharing her experiences with others through her writing.