A Lesson On Kombucha

You may or may not be familiar with a drink called Kombucha and may be asking yourself whether it is just another health fad. Kombucha is said to be bottled goodness and to break it down for you, is a fermented probiotic drink known to have many health benefits including promoting and supporting gut health and digestion (which then has a flow on effect to be beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing in so many other ways!), balancing your body’s pH levels due to it’s alkalising properties, boost energy levels and also is known to aid with detoxification. Kombucha is quite prominent in the states and is just starting to gain recognition in Australia – so for all our Aussie YZL’ers our friends over at MOJO Kombucha – an Australian business heralding from South Australia where Teresa is from – have shared some information with us to highlight why getting on the kombucha train is a good idea and to ensure you know that their kombucha is of the highest standard!

MOJO’s organic and raw kombucha contains live beneficial bacteria which support the breakdown of food and digestion, assists in the absorption of nutrients, the removal of toxins from the body, increasing the function of the immune system, assisting the regulation of appetite and regulating the bowel. As the gut is often referred to as the second brain, (think gut instinct, butterflies in the tummy) it is said to help balance people with increased mental stress boosting overall health and wellbeing

MOJO kombucha is brimming with scientifically tested (the only one in Australia) and measured probiotics which are proven to be ten times more likely to reach the gut alive than probiotics found in yoghurt, reduce abdominal pain and bloating, help with sore joints and inflammation i.e. arthritis, help with muscle recovery (great for athletes), assist with mobility and strength
and also help protect your body from colds and flus. MOJO has no added sugar, additives or sweeteners and we are the only kombucha in Australia which has HACCP accreditation, meaning every bottle that leaves Willunga is safe to consume.
We only use high grade food ingredients which are organically certified and we are small batch fermenters, to ensure a potent and pure kombucha. It is punchy because of the organic acids – which proves that the living probiotics are thriving in our kombucha as they make the acids.

We’d love to hear from you! Are you a Kombucha fanatic? Have you seen any health results since consuming this wonder drink? Share with us in the comments below, weigh in on our forum conversation here or hop onto social media.

You can find out more about MOJO Kombucha here