8 Reasons To Eat More Fat

For years and years the nutrition world has shoved these phrases down your throat: 

  • Fat-free
  • No-fat
  • Low-fat

Those words have dictated how you’ve tried to eat for a long, long time. Right?

Well, truth-be-told there are plenty of reasons to eat fat – and lots of it.

Turns out, there is a HEALTHY kind of fat. It’s the fat you find in avocados, olive oil, and fish. 

Here are 8 of the biggest reasons you need to eat more fat 

Check this out: Certain dietary fats actually support stronger weight loss than low fat diets with equal calories. What does that mean? Well, take MCT oil – also known as liquid coconut oil – or extra virgin olive oil… consumption of these fats has produced such results.

MCT oil is a saturated fatty acid, okay? That means it can help support better weight management. And according to a recent study, people who used a liter of olive oil per week (for 5 years) instead of a low fat diet, lost weight!1

And the monounsaturated fats in avocados and avocado oil work pretty much in the same way as olive oil. Studies also show adding just an avocado a day to your food regimen also results in weight loss.2

How long does it take for your to feel full? Have you ever had the experience of eating and eating and not feeling full until it’s too late?

Well, believe it or not, fat makes you feel full … not carbs. Not protein either. Fat is what gives you that satisfying feeling of satiety. You see, fat is actually what sends the message from your gut to your brain communicating your calorie intake. The gut tells your brain you can stop eating once it’s received enough… fat!

So, you need to eat healthy fats. You’ll end up eating less.

Did you ever think eating fat could give you glowing skin?

Well, it can. In fact, cell membranes are composed of fat molecules. For instance, Omega 3 fats can be found in fish oil, flaxseed oil, perilla oil. Each of these fats help your cell membranes stay flexible – and that means healthier looking skin. Even olive oil promotes healthy-looking, glowing skin because it’s high in polyphenols.3

Insulin is a big deal. It converts the sugars and proteins you eat into fuel for your muscle cells. But, if you eat too many sugars or too much protein, insulin converts these calories into fat… the bad kind.

And unfortunately, insulin can’t convert dietary fat into energy… but that fat won’t get stored as bad fat. So, a diet high in good fats can help maintain healthy insulin levels.4


Did you know that your brain is made up of almost 60% fat? And about half of the fat is made up of this stuff called DHA – it’s a major component in fish oil.5

Also, arachidonic acid is another huge source of fat in the brain.6 And guess what the the largest available source of arachidonic acid is… egg yolk!

So, for glowing hair, bright skin, and a healthier brain, eat egg yolk. You can even toss out the whites.

Research shows those with the highest Omega 3 intake have the biggest brains and best memory. Not only that, people with high Omega 3 indexes have lower levels of depression and anxiety – especially compared to people with the low levels of Omega 3s.

Short chain saturated fats, like the fat in fish oil, can nourish the cells lining your gut.4 This can help prevent the type of inflammation that causes you to gain weight.


So, let’s get real. If you cut out the sugar from foods like grains and beans, and replace them with healthy fats, you can also get rid of nasty lectins like gluten. Lectins are a huge cause of weight gain, obesity, and even acne. Cut lectins out.

Removing lectins from your diet and replacing them with good fats prevents the damage they do to the gut wall; a fact that also is reflected in your glowing outer skin!

That’s a Wrap!

In the end, you have permission – not just permission, this is an order – up your healthy fat game! Good fats help make your brain happy, your skin bright, and your weight management better.

Get as much fish oil, olive oil, and egg yolks in your diet as you can. You’ll be doing your body a world of good.

Dr. Steven Gundry is a renowned heart surgeon, New York Times best-selling author, and medical researcher. He is the author of three books: Dr. Gundry’s Diet EvolutionThe Plant Paradox; and out in April 2018, The Plant Paradox Cookbook. As the leading expert on the lectin-free diet as the key to longevity and vitality, Dr. Gundry believes we have the ability to heal ourselves through nutrition if certain dietary obstacles are removed.

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