7 Secrets to Move Past Sad, Sick & Stuck

From Hopeless to Hopeful
By Tam John

You couldn’t be more ready for the second spring of your life. Ready to enliven yourself with the privileges for which you’ve worked so hard to attain. Perhaps having cared for a family for two or three decades, built your career by catering to the whims of your bosses, clients and stakeholders and lived your life with the means you’ve developed; you are eager to embrace the change.

You dream of possibilities with new vision, yet something seems off. Debilitating, nagging sadness ranging to anxiety and depressive disorders, with aches, pains and physiological change zapping your energy; you feel stuck. Optimism shifts to worry and your vision seems unattainable. Empowerment feels like a far distant dream.

7 Secrets to Rev Up Your Inner Zest & Live Well

Protect yourself – Don’t consume anything, be it food, drink, people, lifestyle or thoughts that don’t honor you. There is no merit in suffering. Gently release anyone and anything that depletes your vital energy.

Sleep well –  Be honest with yourself about how much sleep you need and get it. Get used to the idea that not completing your to do list because you are sleeping will have a much greater payoff. Nighttime sleep is when your body does most of its rejuvenation, natural detoxification, growth and repair. Tune up your sleep hygiene if sleep disrepair is an issue for you.

Honor your sensitivity – Just because seemingly everyone else is on a popular diet or immersing in the latest exercise fad, make choices aligned with nourishing yourself. Diets work for a reason or a season but never a lifetime. Honor yourself with truly healthful choices for your sensitivity and unique being.

Polish your skills – You may have gotten through life up to this point feeling impervious to your less than stellar choices. After all, you burn the candle at both ends, have been a work machine and able to go, run, do, accomplishing an endless to-do list and you are still going! Begin with one thing you know isn’t supporting you well and shift to better feeling choices.

Listen to your body – By the time you start to feel worn out, your body is freaking out. Up to now your body has done a brilliant job compensating for your choices. Small aligned changes from wise guidance – yourself – can easily shift you

Live sensually – Living sensually is always about being in the present moment. When you peel an orange notice how the citrusy scent wafts up. Notice how it feels to take off the inner rind pieces when you section it out. Smell your fingers before you rinse the orangey stickiness off. Experience the difference of feeling your regimens, habits and practices rather than just doing them. Be still for a moment to create a closeness to each part of your day before beginning the next. Notice everything pleasant

Invite your wants – You have every right to want what you want. Ask your desires to be met through prayerful practice, journaling or other heartfelt practice. Be a participant in what you want. If you want better energy, then soothe and nourish your energy rather than deplete it. Diligent grace toward yourself will move you to new passions and heights of perpetual rejuvenation. Invite the change you seek in yourself in a fashion that feels peaceful and supportive. Gandhi’s words toward being the change you desire in the world are best lived when you go within and let yourself come forth.  You have much to live and love for.

Tam John knows feelings determine healthful choices. Food, drink, the choices you make and how you fend off stress all play together and create how well you perpetually rejuvenate yourself. Tam’s approach guides you to sort out your feelings with enlightened guidance personally aligned for your unique being.
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