6 Reasons You Should Have A Hobby

By nature, humans are creatures of habit. But far too often, we let those habits become our day-to-day routine that ends up draining us of our enjoyment in life. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. It’s important to do things outside of work or school, or else you can find yourself stressed and ultimately less productive. Hobbies provide health benefits and can impact you in many positive ways. 

6 Reasons You Should Have a Hobby

  1. Meet New People. If you take part in a hobby that interests you, you will come across people with similar interests and mindsets. Before you know it, you will be surrounded by new people you enjoy being around. Being socially connected is important to focus on, as social isolation can impair immune function and overall negatively affect your mental health.
  2. Learn and Experience New Things. When you decide to pick up a new hobby, there’s so much to learn and improve upon. You will improve your skills and do things you’ve never had to attempt before. You could find yourself considering it as a new career path in the future. You never know how your life could change because of your newly developed set of skills. It changed mine!
  3. Improve Your Self Esteem. Your hobby is going to challenge you in some way, whether it is mentally or physically. As you overcome these challenges, your confidence will be boosted. Solving problems and being good at something is exciting and rewarding.
  4. Creative Spark. When doing hobbies you enjoy, the mind is more active and likely to think creatively. The mind is ignited. This newfound creativity can transfer directly to tasks at work. Often, a job does not intrinsically require creativity, so a hobby can provide the spark needed to think on a problem-solving level for work or other tasks in life.
  5. Clear Your Mind. When you enjoy your hobby, you reduce negative stress in your life by focusing on positive tasks. You focus and work so deeply on the project that you don’t worry about any negative stressors. The mind gets to relax for a while and recharge for other future challenges.
  6. Something to Look Forward To. If you have the same daily routine with no hobbies, life can begin to feel boring, unexciting, and overall depressing. Hobbies create some sort of excitement and change in the routine. Keep life fun.

Finding a new hobby can be hard. You want something that balances out your stress levels rather than creating more negative stress. You want it to be something that coincides with your natural strengths and abilities, but you also want it to challenge you in some way. Some examples of hobbies are writing, coloring, body building, video games, working on cars, scrapbooking, volunteering locally, playing an instrument, nail art, R/C helicopters, geocaching, chess, dancing, the list could go on forever. The internet is a great resource for ideas to help you brainstorm. If the first hobby you try to pick up doesn’t work out, be patient and keep trying. There is a hobby for everyone!

Overall, having a hobby will improve your quality of life and success. But remember to be reasonable; don’t let your hobby become the only thing you know in life. For example, sometimes people value health & fitness to the point of social isolation; they will sacrifice social interactions for the control over their food, workouts, and routine. Your hobbies should balance out life rather than drive every action.

Stay Balanced.

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