6 Powerful Things To Remember When You Are Letting Go

letting go

Letting go and learning to stand alone in life can be an extremely challenging and painful process.

Even if we know that letting go of a habit, a mindset or a person is the right thing to do, it doesn’t necessarily mean your decision will be easier to navigate.

However, as we get older we need to be more aware of what we allow in our lives. We must develop the strength to do the right thing regardless of how painful it feels.

If you are struggling to let go of something or someone here you have 6 powerful things to remember:

  1. You are not “empty” you are cleansing

That horrible void you may feel in your chest or in your tummy, especially at night-time means you are going through an emotional cleansing state.

Remember when you exfoliate your face? It can be quite uncomfortable, right? But your complexion comes out healthier, brighter and with a new glow. Well now is the time to think of this letting go process as a way to exfoliate your life, soul and spirit. You are finally getting rid of things that are not longer serving you.

  1. Nothing lasts forever and this too shall pass

This period of your life will soon transform into something else.

Life is constantly flowing. So start cultivating a feeling of eagerness and anticipation for the wonderful things that are heading your way. This will bring you a soothing sensation and it will help you manifest what your heart truly desires.

  1. Learn to fill yourself and attend to your own needs

If you used to rely on others to give you the enjoyment and fulfilment you crave in life. The letting go process is the perfect time for you to spend time pleasing and focusing only on yourself. It’s ok to be selfish once in a while, especially when you are rising from your own ashes.

Reading, trying new hobbies and submerging yourself in things that you are passionate about will help you move to a new level. There is nothing more soothing and healing that utilising your time to explore yourself and uncover your hidden talents and potential. This may even be the starting point for a new career!

  1. Walk by faith

In darkness and uncertainty is when your strength is truly tested. Here is your chance to show yourself how much you have learnt and how much you are unwilling to repeat the same mistakes and patterns.

You are breaking cycles! So acknowledge the challenge you are taking on and remember many people are not brave enough to even attempt what you are doing. They are too scared to be alone and face the reality of what comes up once Band-Aids and ornaments have been removed from their lives.

Learning to let go and be alone for a while is the ultimate act of courage, bravery and strength all packed into one action, one defining moment.

  1. Remember that after this, you will be able to give and receive love in a healthier way

You won’t be using people or letting people use you anymore. Another consequence of letting go and learning to walk alone is the increased ability to truly love in a healthy way.

You will be able to show up for those you love in a more real and empowered manner. You will no longer feel the need to use people as crutches to get through your life. You will be so filled with your own love and self-respect that this will overflow in other areas of your life and that’s when the real magic starts to happen.

  1. Remember you will come out of this stronger

Being alone for a while will help you get to know yourself better. You will be more empowered and strong once you get comfortable and happy with your own company. You will get to experience the type of freedom that only comes when you know you trust yourself and believe the universe has great things in store for you.

Finally, remember that you are allowed to experience pain, anger and sadness. Allow yourself to feel and cry if you need to cry. Do not attempt to contain your emotions. This will only make them come back louder until you learn to properly release them.

You are a wonderful being, you are stronger beyond your knowledge but you are also human so be kind and gentle with yourself. Keep all this in mind and soon enough the sun will come up again and this time you have yourself to thank for it!



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