6 Astrologically Important Reasons to Wear Gemstone Jewelry


A beautiful gemstone is more than just a wearable accessory: Some believe they can impart wearers with health benefits, too. Those who swear by the healing power of gemstones have experienced fewer headaches, lower stress levels and deeper, more restful sleep.

It’s not as easy as slipping on a piece of jewelry and waiting to feel better, though. Instead, you must choose the right stone to reap the benefits you want to experience. You can also find a gemstone linked to your astrological sign to further enhance the power a stone already has on you. This may be a great place to start your search for gemstone jewelry: Choosing a rock known to be effective for someone with your sign will help you feel — and believe in — the power of healing stones.

Ready to get started? Here are six astrologically important reasons to wear gemstone jewelry.

1.     Boosting Creativity
Works Best For: Aquarius 

The deep red hue of garnet is the opposite of a color you’d describe as electric. However, some wearers believe the stone has provided them with more energy — energy they’ve gone on to funnel into creative pursuits.

Of course, an energy boost lends itself to improving your health and overall confidence level, too, if you’re wearing a garnet. The stone has even been used to ward off bad karma. Remember, whether you’re an Aquarius, you can reap the rewards of this stone, too. Aquarius will just feel its effects more strongly.

2.     Relieving Sadness
Works Best For: Pisces

Most of us don’t wake up and feel blindingly happy every single day. if you find yourself down in the doldrums, one way to turn your sadness around is by slipping into a piece of jewelry bedecked with an amethyst rock. The light purple stone not only turns frowns upside-down, but it also banishes anxiety, soothes headaches and diffuses tension. No wonder it’s the stone of choice for regular meditators.

For Pisces, amethyst works even more effectively because it pushes negativity out of the picture. Pisces love being surrounded by loved ones, which means the last thing they want around is a bad aura. Amethyst is known for its expression of commemoration, making a perfect and sentimental gift to give your loved ones. Amethyst to the rescue.

3.     Kick-Starting Digestion
Works Best For: Scorpio

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that this orangey stone is the birthstone for November babies: It’s the perfect hue for the Thanksgiving season, after all. However, the stone does more than blend in with seasonal décor. It has also been known to help improve the digestive system’s function.

The color of the stone is important, because it is part of the reason why citrine is known as the sunshine stone. The color can sometimes look like golden sunshine, which explains why citrine brings good energy to wearers, too — especially Scorpios.

4.     Debating with Levelheadedness
Works Best For: Gemini

Geminis are already known for having a two-sided personality — the sign represents a set of twins, after all. This sets them up nicely to see both sides in a debate. Donning a tiger eye gemstone helps everyone, including Geminis, to expertly navigate a tough discussion, especially one in which two sides present their points of view and have to compromise on a final decision.

Slip a tiger eye necklace on if you’re struggling with internal conflict, too. The stone’s energy can help you make decisions of your own with levelheadedness.

5.     Sleeping Deeply
Works Best For: Taurus

Rose quartz is a sweet, soft shade of pink — having some present around bedtime will make you feel just as cozy as you drift off to sleep. Those who are particularly prone to restless nights should make a point to don rose quartz during the day. They can take in its calming side effects around the clock so sleep comes easy.

Of course, an overwhelming sense of calm won’t just help you sleep. Rose quartz has been a great accessory for those in search of clear skin and even women with fertility problems. The stone imparts a sense of peace that helps get through such tribulations. Taurus can use this vibe the most. They’re known to be a bit stubborn, after all, so a soothing stone is a nice complement to their normal state.

6.     Breaking Out of a Rut
Works Best For: Sagittarius 

Finally, a bit of topaz can go a long way if you’re feeling stuck in a predictable day-to-day routine. The stone opens its wearers up to trying something new and going on an adventure. This is a great gem for a Sagittarius, who’s already prone to packing up and seeing the world.

Topaz is also a great stone to wear if you’re in need of a little bit of imagination or want to work through a painful situation and find forgiveness. That’s because it’s so effective at finding new routes — in adventure, in your mind or in your personal life.

These aren’t the only stones known to have health benefits simply by wearing them. So, choose your accessories wisely and reap the rewards of a gem that’s not only beautiful, but also works to improve your energy. Before you know it, your entire jewelry box will be full of stone-encrusted baubles — and you won’t have any problem with that, either.

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