5 Ways to Discern the Difference Between Your Inner Voice and Your Mind


By Rachel Jessica Tan

I think I think too much. A typical trait of a young and inquisitive Gemini. Though, over the years I’ve learnt to discern the difference between my “inner voice” and my “mind”. I often find that when I have a decision to make or even when I’m simply trying to discern how I feel about something, my mind likes to complicate things with its incessant cesspool of chatter. It keeps me in a looped conversation with myself that goes nowhere. And I never get any answers this way because that’s the intention of the mind, to keep you away from knowing your truth.

So here’s a few ways I’ve learnt to discern the difference:

1. Trust your actions…

I once had to make a large career decision, to remain in Melbourne to film a TV series or return to my position at a production company in LA. I spent a week stewing over it, even though I was putting off making the call to my boss in LA. I already knew deep down that I was going to stay in Melbourne, it just took me some time to accept my decision. Sometimes there’s a bit of a lag time between what your inner voice knows, and what your conscious mind eventually understands. Trust your actions, they generally speak louder than the words, even the ones you tell yourself.

2. Your mind likes to ask questions…

I often find my mind likes to ask questions like, But what if…?  And isn’t that…? I know that when my mind starts to throw such questioning into the mix, it’s usually the opposite of what’s true. For instance, recently a friend of mine offered to transfer her gym membership to me at a great price. I thought about it for the entire day and was almost convinced I was going to take it. Though I noticed that my mind was trying to justify it with questions like Where else can you find a TRX class? and What if you can’t find a gym membership at that price again?In the end, I trusted my gut and left that opportunity for someone else.


  1. Write a conversation with yourself…

I find writing a conversation with myself on paper can to uncover the truth. Somehow, the chatter of my mind doesn’t have a chance to respond when I’m allowing the answers to flow onto paper. Grab a paper and pen (handwriting is usually better than typing) and ask yourself any question you would like to know the truth about. Allow the words to flow from your pen, without thinking. If you just write, the answers will come.


  1. Meditate…

Meditation is a great way to quiet the mind. There are numerous techniques, however I find meditating to a guided track is the easiest for me. This way, your mind is occupied with one focus, usually a visualisation, and your true feelings are able to surface.


  1. Listen to your gut…

I always find that my first initial feeling about something is usually my truth. I’m not talking about fleeting emotions or reactions to particular events or circumstances. I’m talking about the calm voice beneath all that buzz (which is usually your mind overreacting anyway). Listen to it and trust it. It somehow already knows.

Rachel is an actress/writer/producer, founder of PMU Productions and author of eBook ‘Inspired Living’ based between Melbourne and LA. She loves inspiring others to live their best life!

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