4 Lessons My Spiritual Journey Has Taught Me (So Far!)

Undertaking a spiritual journey is one of the most exceptionally worthwhile ventures you can do to centre your mind, body and spirit. It will not only help you connect with the environment around you but also really teaches you to appreciate the important things in life.

Hint: Truly the best parts of your life don’t involve your iPhone, computer or social media.


Natural is best. 

Being in your most natural state is always going to help you vibrate positively and let all the goodness that you surround yourself with to attract itself to you. By natural I mean inside and out. As women we sometimes feel the need to mask our appearance to please others but once you are comfortable in your natural state, the positivity will be endless.

Spend a day or even just an hour if that’s all you can manage for now without make up, no jewellery, no clothes that hide your supposed muffin top, just you in and your most naturally beautiful state. Spend that hour writing down all the attributes you love about yourself, have you got a killer sense of humour or maybe you are a facts whizz who can beat everyone in trivial pursuit. Try at first not to write about your outward appearance but instead focus on what makes you, you. Whatever it is, own it, love it and appreciate it naturally.


Be open to possibilities.

This one is a biggie. I know that I sometimes say no to things purely because I don’t understand them properly. I once lied about hating chilli chocolate simply because I had never tried it and assumed it would taste like a weird concoction of thick spiciness. Turns out, I love chilli infused chocolate after all.

Chocolate combinations aside, I’m talking about the bigger picture here. Haven’t ever tried meditating with healing crystals? Why not give it a go!  Don’t think you would be good at writing poetry but haven’t really tried writing it yet? Start now. If someone invites you to a cacao ceremony or spiritual workshop, say yes! Why not try absolutely everything available to you. Not for the benefit of others but purely to develop yourself intellectually and emotionally.


You need to love yourself. 

Practicing self love is a necessity in this technology driven world. We are constantly bombarded with what society views as the perfect body/woman/outfit/date/holiday/bedroom décor and breathing life into these demands is what blocks our path to self love.

I have taken a very practical approach to self appreciation, meaning that I literally tell myself what I like about my body and my mind. One of the absolute favourite things to do is whip up a delicious body scrub of coffee grinds, coconut oil and cacao and slowly rub my body, paying special attention to the parts of my body that I have negative thoughts about. Usually this entails the surgery scars on my stomach and thigh area but also mentally telling yourself positive aspects of those body parts for example “Thanks legs for getting me through this exceptionally shit day” or “Oh yeah, my breasts are looking great today”.

Other ways to help boost your body image that don’t involve heavy petting of yourself include things like practicing gratitude and meditation. Both of these are great ways to gain a little perspective of the world at large. Meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting in lotus position for three hours in complete silence (although that would be impressive) but can be you sitting in your backyard doing some breathing exercises and quietening your mind.


Your future hasn’t been decided.

This is important to keep in mind when you’re struggling emotionally, financially or spiritually. Sometimes it can feel as though there is no end in sight and the hole that you find yourself in just keeps getting deeper and dirtier. Before finding some sense of enlightenment my future happiness rested solely on whether or not I would be able to afford nice, fancy things and how my new shiny possessions would impress others. Sounds a little materialistic doesn’t it?

Really think about what your future goals are, do they involve some purchase of an expensive item that society deems luxurious or must have? If they do there is a serious possibility that even once you have that Rolex or Michael Kors watch slapped on your wrist you still won’t be content or satisfied.

All hope is not lost though! You have the capability to change the course of your life, I know it sounds a little too cliché but you really of. Learn new skills, develop your understanding of the world around you, educate yourself on what is important and no doubt your future goals will transform along the way


Any type of spiritual journey doesn’t have a timeline, there is no specific date when I will suddenly wake up and feel enlightened and centred (although that would be great!) This journey is for the entirety of my life and I can’t wait to keep learning!

Alessandra is a Sydney based vegetarian who loves nothing more than scribbling down stories whilst nestled in the bush with her beloved pooch whilst sipping on a coffee.  Find her over on www.thedailymouthful.org