3 Top Tips To Feeling Amazing In Your Own Skin

I’m lucky enough to work with incredible women day in, day out, and be told their secrets, fears and worries.

What I find heartbreaking is how so many women don’t love themselves, and are pushing and depriving themselves to be something they aren’t rather then celebrate who they are. 

As a personal trainer, I’m inundated with cries of women asking me:

What’s the best diet I can go on?

How can I tone up the inside of my thighs?

How can I lose my baby tummy?

I’m sure you can get the idea.

And truth be told I used to be one of them. As a personal trainer, I used to constantly compare myself to other trains Instagram photos, be terrified of wearing anything colorful on my lower body incase it made my bum look big, and used to get up at 4:30am to straighten my hair and put on a full face of makeup as I perceived everyone would be judging my abilities by my looks.

Hard to believe this was just over 3 years ago as now, I have a totally new routine, which allows me to get more precious sleep and feel amazing. I get up at 5am, shower, wear whatever I want, lots of prints, and bright colors now, brush my hair and leave the house fresh faced, because I’ve realized my looks don’t define my worth to the world.

These are the 3 things I did on a daily basis to feel amazing being exactly who I am right now:

1 – I started to book time out in my calendar for self-love and self care. This will look different for everyone, but for me my none-negotiable are time to read a inspiring book every day, meditation, bathing in the ocean, and a monthly massage and occasional facial. This can be anything that lights you up, but something that helps connect you to yourself, will help support you.

2 – Stopped worrying about what other people think. I realized that it wasn’t my role in this world to create my life based on what I believed others perceive. What is important to me is knowing that I nourish my body through healthy food and movement and treat it as the temple it is. I no longer worry what people will think if they see I have some cellulite or if my skin is playing up that day. Its possible that people still judge my by what they see, and that’s ok, as it no longer concerns me.

3 – Focused on gratitude, instead of lack. I suffer from an autoimmune disease, which can cause me a great deal of anxiety and pain for months at a time. During these months I would be upset that my body was failing me. Instead I focused on daily rituals of gratitude for my body. Every day I dry brush my body, and moisturize in in a natural body lotion, and thank my body for everything it does for me. Instead of comparing it with filtered photos on Instagram, I deleted all the uninspiring media I was consuming everyday and replaced it with inspiring texts, and people with a inspiring message.

Whilst this didn’t happen overnight, the relationship with your body is the longest relationship you’ll ever have, so surely it’s worth connecting and honoring it to its full potential?

Tanya Doherty is a Holistic Personal Trainer, Wellbeing specialist, and Mind and Body transformation expert based in Bondi, who loves to surf, ready and drink copious amounts of tea!