3 Steps to Overcoming Negativity

Someone once told me you can block out the negativity in your life by simply wishing it away. I find this to be half true.

What makes negativity in your life?  Is it the elements around you?  Or simply the way your brain ticks?  I personally have been dealing with depression and anxiety since I was 5 years old.  They seem to be old buddies, muddling in my brain and taking turns tormenting me.  Some days they are quiet, other times they are in full swing.  With these feelings comes a lack of self-confidence, fearing the worst in social settings, and never being good enough.  The negativity can swirl and play in your brain like kids jumping on a trampoline.  Eventually we lose energy, become lethargic and give up.  But what if there was a way to change the negativity into positivity?

That’s the goal – to accept these emotions, understand them further, and then turn them into positivity.

For example, let’s say it was an extraordinarily bad day.  Try taking a moment to accept that fact that today was bad and tell yourself that you are allowed to feel angry, sad, anxious, guilty etc.  Now in the midst of your negativity, switch gears and think of an activity that makes you happy.  Stick that negativity in a box of your brain and save it for later.  What makes you happy? Try exercising, reading, cooking, writing, or even catching up on your favorite show.  This will allow your brain to reset, even if it’s just for 30 minutes.  Last step – take out that box.  You may need to call a friend, or write out your thoughts, or close your eyes and dig out what caused the negative emotions.  Is there something you can do in the future to change this?  If not, what can you do every day that will make you feel better, if only for a few minutes?

So this is the challenge my friends.  It’s not fool-proof nor is it perfect, but neither are emotions.  They are sticky, difficult to tackle, and can be a nuisance. But you own them, so you might as well tackle them.  Dig into life, because if we’re lucky it’ll be a long ride.


Lindsay is a travel enthusiast with a love for animals and yoga. She drinks coffee to keep up with her one year old daughter, and enjoys reading adventure and romance novels.

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