10 Ways To Up Your Self Care Game

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Hi guys! YZL Manager Cass here. I don’t know about you but I made a promise to myself that I would up my self care game this year because it’s definitely something that I find I let fall to the wayside when general life ‘busyness’ happens. I love the conversation that continues to develop around self care, and we all need to help remind one another that self care is not selfish and you wanna know a little secret… it’s ESSENTIAL in ensuring your overall health and wellbeing is at its optimum. And by taking care of yourself and filling your body, mind and soul up with all that self care goodness, it means you can better take care of the loved ones, children, friends, fur babies around you.

Below I’ve put together the top 10 ways you can up your self care game, feel free to add to the list in the comments below!

Treat yo’self 

To a facial or a massage. This doesn’t have to be pricey, look out for offers, ask for a contribution towards a voucher for your birthday or buy an amazing mask or DIY at home. For me, a facial is the ultimate in self care and relaxation.

Schedule it

I know, I know this sounds a little weird and forced but hear me out. By scheduling it and actively carving out the time, it takes the pressure off of being overwhelmed with ‘when am I going to fit that in’… you with me?! It doesn’t have to be hours worth a week (although the more the better and how nice does that sound!) but figure out ways of carving out however much time you realistically can, our of your day / week / month and allocate that time specifically for self care, you’ll then stick to it!

Hit the hay

I know it’s cliche and everyone bangs on about sleep but there’s method to their madness. Sleep is directly correlated with overall wellbeing. I know when I’m not sleeping well it wreaks havoc on everything from my skin, to my digestion, to my anxiety to just generally feeling sluggish. The key is also to ensure you are getting good sleep. Things like allowing your body and mind time to unwind prior to getting into bed, sleeping in a cool environment, no screen time 30 minutes before you want to hit the hay etc all contribute to getting lots of the good stuff while you’re in zzzz land.

Treat your insides

We all know that what’s going on inside has such an impact on what’s going on outside. You know that superfood, organic chocolate, plant based protein powder or vitamins I’ve (I mean… you’ve) been wanting to try? Treat yourself. I know sometimes wellness essentials take up the budget and there’s little left over for something you’ve been wanting to try, but figure out a way, even putting away $5 a week, to save up to treat yourself to that thing you’ve had your eye on and indulge. Your insides will thank you for it.


Our hands often get forgotten about and they usually take the brunt of the load, so indulge in some hand self care and invest in some good hand cream… now when I say ‘good’ it doesn’t necessarily correlate directly to ‘expensive’, I mean good in terms of nourishing, effective, organic ingredients. My hot tip is to pick one with a relaxing aroma and when you put it on at night before bed, it helps soothe and relax you.

Move your body

Commit to an exercise class. I know that personally for me, going to a class means I push myself so much more than I do when I’m left to my own devices. Not sure if it’s because of the trainer…

Take time out

Binge watch your favorite Netflix show, all time classic or that rom-com or doco you’ve really been wanting to watch. Take an afternoon out, an evening of indulgence and don’t even feel the slightest bit guilty about slothing it up on the couch

Feed your soul

What makes you feel good? Do more of it! It’s literally that simple. Whatever it is that makes you burst with happiness from the inside out, create the space and make time to do more of it.

Get out into the great outdoors

Nature is so impactful on wellbeing. For me, it’s the ocean. As soon as I step foot on the sand or hear the meditative sound of the waves crashing into the shore, my soul is invigorated.

Blow your own trumpet 

Remind yourself how amazing you are. You know the same way you tell your friends how awesome they are? Give that same level of respect to YOU. Because, you are freaking awesome!


And I know I only said 10, but I had to add this one in… MEDITATE. I know, I know, it’s totes cliche.

So go on, up your self care game and make it a priority today. Tell us, how do you up your self care game and what are some of your favorite go-to’s?

Love, Cass x
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