10 Reasons To Go Vegan

My top 10 reasons to make the change and give Veganism a go!

1. It Helps Saves The Animals

This may obvious, but when you go vegan, you do contribute to saving some animals. Over 60 billion animals are slaughtered every year for dietary requirements; meat, dairy and eggs. In addition to that, not only are animals slaughtered for human consumption, but they are also slaughtered for cosmetic testing, entertainment, and clothing.

The term vegan was coined in 1944 by Donald Watson, who believed that man should live without exploiting animals. Though animal exploitation is still ever so prevalent today, veganism is on the rise. Compassionate people are realizing that there is no difference between a dog and a pig. It’s difficult for me to understand how someone can say that they love animals, yet still turn around and eat meat for dinner. There is a huge disconnect between what we love and what we eat, but hopefully that disconnect won’t last forever and the gap will continue to get smaller. If you truly love animals and consider yourself a compassionate person, then go vegan. It truly will save many lives.

2. It Can Prolong Your Life For A Number Of Reasons

Multiple studies have shown that vegans live six to ten years longer than those who eat meat. Individuals who eat meat are also twice as likely to develop heart disease and cancer than those who follow a vegan diet. When you cut out all animal proteins from your diet, your body is able to thrive on natural, plant based foods. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, legumes, and many other plant based foods contain every single vitamin and nutrient that the human body needs to survive and thrive. Plant based foods also do not contain saturated fat, cholesterol, and fatty acids that most animal by-products do.

3. You Can Eat Lots of Yummy Foods

Contrary to popular belief, vegan food is not boring or “rabbit food”. In fact, since going vegan, I’ve been way more excited for meal times. For breakfast you can have things like chocolate nana ice cream, or vanilla chia pudding. You can also turn any non-vegan food into a vegan version. Example: vegan chicken, vegan cheese, vegan donuts, vegan ice cream, etc. It is not boring; it is vibrant, colourful, fun and healthy.

4. It Causes You To Challenge Yourself

If you like to challenge yourself and push your boundaries, try going vegan. It tests your self-control, and determines how well you can adapt to change. I actually first went vegetarian based on a 7 Day Challenge I made for myself. I was bored and felt like a challenge, so I tried it out. After 7 days, I knew I was never going back.

5. It Shrinks Your Ecological Footprint

Every environmentalist knows that going vegan or vegetarian shrinks your ecological footprint. The amount of resources (land, food, and water), it takes to produce the meat that humans eat is outrageous. 441 gallons of water are required to produce a pound of beef, vs only 22 pounds of water to produce one pound of tomatoes. Domesticated animals cause 32 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), more than the combined impact of industry and energy. Per day a vegan can save: 1100 gallons of water, 30 sq. ft of forest, 20 lbs of C02 from going into to atmosphere, and 1 animals life.

6. It Can Aid In Clearing Your Skin

Obviously everybody’s skin is different, but for most people that go vegan, their skin clears up. Even if you didn’t think your skin was that bad before – it gets better, you will notice a glow. The first month I went vegan, my skin cleared up, my nails got stronger, my hair grew, and I just felt better overall. You feel glowing and radiant because your body knows what foods it thrives on, and which ones are harming it. Also, berries which are a great dietary staple have so many antioxidants that are amazing for your skin. (Also helps with melanoma/skin cancer)

7. It Helps Opens You Spiritually And Mentally

Something shifts inside of you once you become vegan. It may not be in the first week, or even the first month, but after a while, you will notice a difference. You begin to appreciate nature and your surroundings. You see birds and chipmunks and want to bond with them. You see trees being cut down for construction and it breaks your heart. You feel spiritually connected to the earth; a bond you never noticed until you realized that you are just an earthling on this great planet. It gives you a better appreciation for what you have and all of your surroundings.

8. You Can Eat Generally Without Worrying About Gaining ‘Bad’ Fat

Like stated previously, plant based foods do not contain saturated fats and cholesterol, meaning that they are 100% healthy for you. Some people may believe that chicken or egg whites are good for you, but trust me, they’re not. Eat a diet consisting of wholesome fruits and vegetables, and tell me how good you feel after eating each meal. No more stress; no more worries.

9. You Are Participating In Changing The World

All of these things stated in this article require a large amount of people to make a large-scale difference. By one person going vegan, you can make a difference. You can help save the planet and the animals, and overall make a positive change in this world.

“The question is not “Can you make a difference?” You already do make a difference. It’s just a matter of what kind of a difference you want to make, during your life on this planet.” – Julia Butterfly Hill

10. It May Provide You With A Clear Conscious

You never feel guilty for eating the wrong foods. You never feel guilty or responsible for taking a life. You never feel obligated to change your diet because of Global Warming. The foods you are eating and the decisions you are making are directly having an entirely beneficial impact for this planet, and that is all thanks to you. So now you can go to sleep with a happy conscious.

“You could save more water by not eating one pound of California beef than you would save by not showering for an entire year”

Katrina is a vegan blogger from Toronto, Canada. She is passionate about the animals, health, mental well-being, social activism, reading, and writing. Her blog aims to help people be both happy and healthy, on the inside and the outside.

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